How to Turn a Scary Diagnosis Into a Positive Prognosis in 4 Simple Steps

by Angela Minelli on June 17, 2017

Have you ever been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and been so scared by it you could barely see straight?  If so, you’re not alone.   A lot of people are when their test results come back positive, your doctor finds a lump, or your sudden weight loss results in diabetes or even worse, cancer.

It’s easy to “go there,” convinced it’s a death sentence, no matter what.  No lie.  Sometimes it is.  We all have to die one day therefore death is inevitable.  Some people have a harder time coming to grips with death than others, but the truth is you can’t avoid it despite how hard you may try.

But more times than not, you can delay your demise, get back on track and live a highly fulfilling life if you’re willing to put in the legwork to take control of your own health.  Doctors are great, but they don’t know everything. (Oops!  Did I say that out loud?!  Yes, I DID.)  While they’re excellent at diagnosing, they’re not so great at prognosing, at least when it comes to options.

All options, not just those they’re taught in med school.

Some disease may seem a little easier to tackle than others, particularly those where the cause is known.  Case in point type 2 diabetes.  It’s no secret that the cause is due to a blood sugar imbalance that over time ultimately wears out your pancreas and impairs insulin production.  You need insulin in order to help your body regulate glucose, which gives your cells energy and helps you think! 

In other words, it’s really important.  But what about a different disease, like cancer, where the cause is not as obvious?  Most people panic, and fear sets in, which is utterly and completely understandable.  Any time you’re dealing with a new set of circumstances you’ve never dealt with before, those feelings are inevitable.

It’s actually due to a built-in safety mechanism in the most primitive part of your brain that alerts you to danger, and unknown circumstances are definitely cause for concern, particularly when it comes to your health. 

Yet at the same time, take heed, because there is a lot you can do to help yourself overcome the fear and panic you might feel that will enable to you make decisions from a place of certainty versus out of doubt, which makes a big difference in the outcome.

  1. Breathe.  This cannot be understated.  Breathing calms your nerves, send signals to your nervous system that there is nothing to be alarmed about, helps you think more clearly, and puts things into focus.  Just like when you exercise, you have to catch your breath from time to time, and the same goes for sudden and shocking news such as this.  Try it before you knock it and you’ll feel a lot more clear-headed and be able to refocus instantly.
  2. Do your research.  I know how doctors operate.  They’ll expect you to do everything they tell you to do immediately with no questions asked.  But when it comes to your health, especially if it’s life or death, I’d caution otherwise.  It’s imperative you explore all your options when it comes to the best course of treatment, including those that are considered alternative or holistic, as many can be much more life-saving and less invasive than conventional options.      
  3. Trust your gut.  Most people, especially those who know nothing to the contrary, trust the so-called experts over themselves.  And while that may not be a wholly deviant strategy, it can also be a deadly one.  When it comes to modern-day healthcare, it’s a business first, and while intentions may be good, you’re talking about your life, and some practices don’t always prolong life.   Put another way, there’s a reason doctors don’t recommend chemo to their own family members.  Therefore, if it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it.  Period.
  4. Distract yourself.  I know.  I’m crazy, right?  Hear me out before you dismiss this critical step.  Distraction is the master of attraction in my opinion.  Whenever I’m in the creation process (and yes, that includes my health too!), I set my intention and then let it go.  I’m very specific about what I want to have happen, and then I do my best to forget all about it by staying engaged with the business of life.  I’ve dealt with a myriad of health issues in my lifetime, and at times, it’s felt hopeless.  But I’ve learned to not focus on what is but instead on what I want and it’s yet to be a failing strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s not mainstream to think you know more than your doctor, or even your wife or husband, when it comes to your own body and what’s best for it.  Add a scary diagnosis to the mix and it’s a recipe for a complete and total breakdown.  But trust me.  You know more than you think you do. 

By following these four steps accurately, you’ll find a renewed sense of empowerment over disease and illness that you never knew you had but will prove to be your most trusted guiding resource.

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Angela Minelli is an author, speaker and founder of Angela Minelli International, a heart-based global business serving purpose-driven everyday women and entrepreneurs whose self-image and weight issues are inhibiting their confidence and blocking them from pursuing their life’s passion. 

Angela's joy is in taking a stand for women who are living less than ideal lives, stopped by fear and doubt, which prevents them from stepping into their innate power and delivering their God-given genius to the world. Her coaching programs and products are designed for women with busy lifestyles yet allow for powerful transformation to take place within a small segment of time.  

As a natural health practitioner and digestive health specialist, Angela specializes in helping people overcome weight and energy issues through holistic, non-invasive protocols that address the root cause of their conditions, including adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid disorders, and more.  

Explore the ideals that are the cornerstone of her work at

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