The Magical Fat-Burning Benefits of Maccha Green Tea

by Angela Minelli on January 22, 2017

matcha green teaLet me start off by saying that the origins of this Japanese green tea dictate that it’s properly spelled “maccha.”  However, it’s more commonly spelled “matcha” in other parts of the world.  Being an English major myself, I could not bring myself to spell it incorrectly so I went with maccha since it’s how it’s supposed to be spelled anyways despite the fact my spell checker kept trying to correct me!

And now, to what it is and why it’s so magical…

Japanese maccha green tea holds the power to boost energy while still maintaining a sense of calm Click To Tweet and relaxation, can turbocharge your metabolism by up to 40%, and naturally uplift your spirits and health.   And that’s just the beginning!

It also contains up to 137 times more of the potent antioxidant EGCG than non-maccha green tea, regulates healthy blood sugar levels, supports healthy cholesterol levels, and acts as a strong blood detoxifier and alkalizer too.

How’s that for a few measly sips 5-6 days a week?!   Those Japanese are certainly onto something!

Not only that, maccha is 10 times more potent than regular brewed green tea, has 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice and 9 times the beta carotene of spinach.  The secret lies in the leaves.   With maccha green tea, you ingest the whole first growth young tea leaves, which gives it it’s magical power.

Overall maccha has one of the highest ORAC counts too, which a way of measuring antioxidant capacity.  It scores 1384 on the ORAC scale versus acai berries at 1027 and even blueberries at just 24!  It’s loaded with catechins and polyphenols, high in antioxidant properties, the most powerful being EGCG. 

Antioxidants are masterful at helping the body combat and neutralize free radicals, which advance aging and degenerative disease, plus boost your immune system and heart to optimize wellness, making it a total win-win.

Typical teas are high in caffeine and maccha is no different with one critical difference, which is metabolized in a much healthier way than other teas and even coffee.  The caffeine in maccha green tea binds to catechin molecules, an antioxidant, and is slowly released into the bloodstream over time.  The impact is time-released smaller doses of caffeine that provide sustainable energy of up to 6 hours or more!

As for fat-burning, this also prevents the insulin and adrenaline spikes typical for coffee drinkers who experience more blood sugar crashes leading to more sugar cravings.  The amino acid L-Theanine counterbalances any negative effects with its calming and relaxing compounds which results in a state of mental clarity, improved alertness and all-day energy!  

Maccha tea is loaded with chlorophyll too, which acts as a strong blood detoxifier and aids in balancing pH levels in blood, creating an alkalinizing effect, an excellent way to prevent disease.

Needless to say, it’s amazing benefits go without saying after discovering all of its powerful counterpunches to typical, caffeine-laden coffee and teas that deregulate blood sugar, cause sugar cravings, create a feeling of lethargy, and accelerate aging without offering nearly the health attributes of maccha green tea. 

Maccha is naturally pleasant and sweet due to L-Theanine, a unique amino acid found almost exclusively in the green tea plant, which makes drinking it often palatable, in addition to stimulating relaxing alpha brain waves usually only achieved at the same level through meditation.  It leaves you feeling blissful and thereby lowering stress along with blood pressure and improving memory at the same time. 

You’ll notice the effects within the first 30 minutes of drinking it which can last up to 8 hours!  Look for fine quality maccha green tea online or in stores, and remember maccha is the same as matcha!

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As a natural health practitioner and digestive health specialist, Angela specializes in helping people overcome weight and energy issues through holistic, non-invasive protocols that address the root cause of their conditions, including adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid disorders, and more.  

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