Healthy Assertiveness

by Angela Minelli on July 6, 2016

Do you let people walk all over you, or do you stand up for yourself?

Too many people (sic women!) are too afraid to stand up for themselves.  Worried what people will think, what they'll say or what it may mean for you if you do, too often you do nothing, and are left with icky feelings that have to be resolved nonetheless.  

Enter emotional eating.

In this video, I talk about:

  • How lack of healthy emotional management happens
  • The top way I manage my emotions so it never happens to me anymore!
  • An easy way to assert healthy assertiveness

and more!

Don't miss it!  And don't forget to leave your comments on the blog below 🙂



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PS: Don't mind my kitty cat's cries in the background!  She's a mouthy one.  Grrr!

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