6 Easy Ways to Diet Without Truly Dieting

by Angela Minelli on August 14, 2016

6 Ways to Diet Without Truly DietingI’m not a fan of dieting.  In fact, I don’t, and haven’t in years.  When my weight fluctuates, I simply take note, and try to figure out why, instead of throwing myself into a rigid diet that I really can’t stand and in the end, only leaves me feeling deprived and miserable.

I can't deny it.  I love food, and I love eating, and I love eating food that I love eating.  Am I alone here?  Something tells me no.  We’re ALL like that!  Food is one of the greatest joys of life.  Yet there is truth in the concept of moderation.

And, there are keys to weight loss that can be borrowed from the concept of dieting too that won’t make you feel like you’re actually on a diet, because God forbid none of us want that!

Try these six ways to get slim while still eating food you love to eat:

  1. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night.  Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 7-8 hours every night have a higher BMI, or body mass index.  Plus, you’re not just cranky, but due to lack of energy, you crave more sugar and thereby make poor choices.  Getting adequate sleep is a great place to start!
  2. Drink water, but not too much.  I’m sure you’ve seen people at work or your yoga class chugging back gallons of water all day long.  While water is essential, there are theories that too much isn’t.  Just like with food, you only want to eat or drink anything only when you truly want it, however, staying hydrated is crucial to not eating when you’re not really hungry as it’s true there are times when you’re eating when you’re really thirsty instead.
  3. Eat slowly!  This is one I practice and preach myself.  Because it works!  I’ve personally met people who are naturally slow eaters and they’re thin as rails.  And it’s not because they just eat rails.  Eating slowly causes you to enjoy your food more, thereby helping you feel satisfied faster Click To Tweet, and sends signals to your brain that you’ve had enough.
  4. Take a probiotic.  You might not even know what a probiotic is, but you’ll want to.  In short, probiotics balance your gut flora so that you’re not all so cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.  Literally.  If you crave sugar all the time, or refined carbs, you’re probably suffering from a case of candida or at the very least, dysbiosis.  After multiple studies and trials, it’s been found that probiotics can help people lose weight and lower their body mass index.  So if the number on the scale isn’t moving, consider adding a probiotic supplement to your daily diet, particularly one that is a multi-probiotic which includes a variety of probiotic species.
  5. Eat negative-calorie foods.  For example, you’ll burn 72 calories for every 53 calories of raw celery you eat.  Sound like magic?  It’s true.  Researchers in the UK tested it out and found facts don’t lie.  Cucumbers and grapefruit have been found to have the same effect.  (Don’t you wish all food was like that?!)
  6. Stop thinking about it.  Say what?  Yep, you heard me.  Stop thinking about it!  There is an energetic shift that takes place when you focus on something for a while, and then let it go and forget about it.  Your intention is clear: lose weight.  But when you’re hyper-focused on it, or anything for that matter, it puts you on the path of resistance, not allowance.  And therefore, nothing happens or even gets worse.  FYI this is the a #1 the top secret to weight loss that so many people don’t understand.  If you don’t believe it, try it out for yourself!

There is so much info out there on how to lose weight, which can be frustrating.  If that's you, you’re not alone.  I teach this stuff and still get stuck myself sometimes!  The difference though is that I never give up studying it, and applying what I learn, so that I know what truly works and what doesn’t.  

Trust me when I say, these six tips will not steer you wrong.  

I'd love to hear from you!  This is a topic I could talk about all day.  Leave your comments on the blog below. And if you still need help, go here to set up a private, one-on-one complimentary coaching session with me to help you get started.

And, I have another free resource for you!  It's my free eCourse on how to stop emotional eating.  Just click below!

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Angela Minelli is an author, speaker and founder of Angela Minelli International, a heart-based global business serving purpose-driven everyday women and entrepreneurs whose self-image and weight issues are inhibiting their confidence and blocking them from pursuing their life’s passion. 

Angela's joy is in taking a stand for women who are living less than ideal lives, stopped by fear and doubt, which prevents them from stepping into their innate power and delivering their God-given genius to the world. Her coaching programs and products are designed for women with busy lifestyles yet allow for powerful transformation to take place within a small segment of time.  

As a natural health practitioner and digestive health specialist, Angela specializes in helping people overcome weight and energy issues through holistic, non-invasive protocols that address the root cause of their conditions, including adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid disorders, and more.  

Explore the ideals that are the cornerstone of her work at angelaminelli.com.

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